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why subdivide?

There are a number of reasons for you to consider subdivision:

• You are looking to convert the use and    increase the value of your land
• You are looking to invest in land    development
• You wish to generate a stable and    financially secure  future for your family

Do you need assistance to subdivide?

There are very few multi-skilled people who can manage the whole process by themselves, so the short answer is ‘yes’. Engaging an expert to assist you throughout this process is important.

How long does it take?

The whole subdivision process will typically take between 12 and 18 months from conception to completion (land ready for sale).

What about the quality of work?

Planright is one of the few engineering companies in the region that maintains a quality assurance system; a guarantee of our service to you.

areas of

Whole Farm Plans
Irrigation Design
Irrigation Infrastructure

What is the process?

The subdivision process is a small part of a much larger urban, peri-urban and rural development expansion plan.

It works like this:

• Meet with Planright to discuss the potential for subdivision
• Check on the zoning of the land, e.g. residential or commercial
• Land is surveyed by our staff and Planright’s designers prepare    concept drawings and plans of subdivision for council approval
• Planning Permit is approved (including all conditions, e.g.    stormwater)
• Our engineers prepare designs to obtain approvals from    authorities
• A licensed surveyor prepares the title changes and our    designers prepare the required estimates
• Planright’s project management staff prepare the    specifications, tender and assist with the selection of a    contractor
• Planright’s Construction Manager supervises the construction
• New allotments are released for sale

Who do I contact?

Call today for a discussion with our Engineering Manager  Jeremiah Johnson.  Jeremiah is all too happy to answer your enquiries and discuss your project with you.


Your goal is simple - you want to make your farm more productive. Our team are here to assist in the implementation of improved, more efficient irrigation systems. Take advantage of our 28 years in the region. We have a team of able experts who are on call, ready to turn your goal into reality.